• Volta Streamer with integrated Dac
  • Volta Streamer with integrated Dac


Grandinote volta Streamer with integrated DAC.

On demo at the shop!

You are tired of aggressive and audiophile electronics, this Streamer is made for you.
Indeed, it is so refined that it goes beyond the usual auditory fatigue of common elements encountered in classic hifi.
remotely controllable from tablets, smartphones and personal computers.
Reads audio and audio-video files from Ethernet disks (NAS) and USB, minimizing possible reading errors and jitter.
His uniform management of digital files, the extremly accurate conversion to analog,
power supplies and output stages of Magnetosolid ® technology derivation,
make Grandinote Volta the most faithful system for digital playback ever made.

A must have!

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Volta Streamer with integrated Dac

€8,700.00 EUR




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