• ZENmini Mk3 LPSU
  • ZENmini Mk3 LPSU
  • ZENmini Mk3 LPSU


Innuos ZENmini Mk3 LPSU

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More punsh, focus, details in soundstage.

Amust have!

This optional Linear Power Supply upgrade for ZENmini and ZENmini S offers improved sound quality
in a chassis purpose-matched to the ZENmini design,
making it a perfect companion to upgrade sound quality and appearance.
The LPSU further elevates the standalone ZENmini to audiophile territory
with a larger and deeper soundstage.

ZENmini LPSU features:

• Upgraded sound quality
• Compact design styled to match perfectly
• Stacked or adjacent placement
• Backwards compatibility with ZENmini MkII

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ZENmini Mk3 LPSU

€799.00 EUR




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