Review : VPI Classic Direct

Posted on 16 March 2015

VPI Classic Direct Drive Turntable and VPI 12" 3D Tonearm reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Anthony Cordesman

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Conclusion :
To hear the VPI Classic Direct and 3D ’arm at their best, you also will need to work with a dealer or fellow audiophiles to audition top-quality cartridges, pay attention to the quality of the interconnect that goes between the tonearm and the phono preamp, use a top-quality phono preamp, and load the cartridge properly. These are all “taken for granteds” by audiophiles with lots of analog experience, but be careful if you are upgrading to a better analog front end, or going analog for the first time. The VPI Classic Direct is a platform for the best analog sound I know of, and every associated aspect of the rest of the system really matters. If you are not an old hand with a lot of practical experience, you won’t get the considerable best out of this unit without a dealer or friend’s help.

These requirements, however, are part of the fun in choosing every analog front end and a key to letting your own taste help shape the sound and the resulting illusion of musical realism. Moreover, it has been a long time since I found a turntable that made so much difference in improving sound quality. The Classic Direct Drive delivers the sound quality its price tag implies and is now my reference. It is a continuing pleasure, and it constantly helps me rediscover my record collection.

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