Review : Oppo PM-3

Posted on 24 March 2015

Oppo PM-3 Headphones reviewed on by Nathan

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Conclusion :
Unlike a lot of the price-sensitive planar magnetic competition, the PM-3 is more than just a great-sounding device. Like the HA-2, it is awesomely outfitted for its price, and awesomely finished at any price. Unlike the HA-2, it is exquisite for use both out and in. Like the HA-2, it is destined to turn the planar magnetic world on its ear. 

No longer can company X churn out a great-sounding, but otherwise crap headphone. The PM-3 looks, feels, and works like it was someone’s life work. That is, with the crazy exception of its indelible ear pads. Through cold and sweat, you literally are stuck with them. Fortunately, in sub-25º weather, they are supple and comfy. At this point, I consider the cable suspect, but I’ve been wrong before, especially when given such short time to review an audio device. All that said, the PM-3 is such a solid headphone that I’m bowled over. Totally. 

There is literally no planar even double the PM-3’s market value that even interests me anymore.

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