Review : Monitor Audio Silver 10

Posted on 19 December 2014

Monitor Audio Silver 10 Loudspeakers reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Spencer Holbert

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Conclusion :
Monitor Audio recommends 80–200W for amplification, but most of my listening occurred in the 20–50W range. The Silver 10s can be driven to 105dB SPL with about 40W. My recommendation would be 50W or more, with a minimum of 25W for tube fans. If you like to rock out at really high SPLs, the Silver 10s can handle a lot of juice.

Overall, the Silver 10s are a lot better than their “typical box” look would suggest: great voicing, solid bass when properly distanced from the rear walls, an engaging soundstage, and an ability to sound great with a wide range of music. Really, what more could you want from an affordable speaker? And while $2500 isn’t pocket change, it’s an attainable goal for most everyone serious about audio, including my cash-strapped friends. This is great, because the Monitor Audio Silver 10s have renewed their faith in high-end audio, and mine as well. I see a new speaker purchase in their sonic future.

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