Review : RHA T10i

Posted on 09 December 2014

RHA T10i headphones reviewed on by Lieven 

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Conclusion : 
While the T10i is extremely easy to drive I mostly used an external amplifier with it at home and on the go. Of course the amplification helps its performance but you can easily do without. The RHA T10i is a gorgeous looking universal IEM that is extremely comfortable and it gives you the opportunity to tune the sound to your liking. Will everyone like this IEM? Probably not but I don’t think RHA is aiming for that either. With the filter changeability it will please a lot more people than any other headphone that doesn’t offer this option.

Is the sound worth the price? Yes and no. They cost $199.95, £149.95 UK or €179.95 EUR and that’s quite a lot just looking at the sound. Of course you’re not just buying the sound, you’re buying the design too and looking at it that way it’s up to each and every one to decide for themselves if the T10i is worth paying a premium for. I’m convinced a lot of people will spend a little extra for a nice design, good comfort and tuneability. Sound wise you won’t be disappointed but don’t be expecting a high end audiophile sound either. If you really don’t care about comfort, looks and just look at the sound, you might find a cheaper IEM that suits you better.

I for one like the T10i as a casual IEM and I’m sure I’ll be using it again, not that it has become my fav IEM but I like it a whole lot better than I like most universal IEMs, especially comfort wise. 

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