Review : Focal Aria 906

Posted on 08 April 2014

Focal Aria 906 Compact Loudspeaker reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Neil Gader

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Conclusion :
My quibbles are minor. The upper mids/lower treble range loses some intensity, which can be heard as a softening of orchestral presence, with violin sections receding into the greater body of the orchestra, and interior images and inner detail growing a bit more ephemeral. And though the 906 can’t quite physically manifest the full sub-harmonic body of bass instruments, there is still a notable amount of air and dimension.

With the debut of Aria, Focal has unleashed a powerful and persuasive range ready to go head-to-head with the likes of Sonus faber, Revel, KEF, and other notables. As compacts go, the 906 touches all the right sonic bases for me. But more than that, these factors all dovetail into a single conclusion—that time and again, the Aria 906 just gets music right and at fifteen-hundred bucks, does so for a song. And true to its name, that’s a lot to sing about.

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