Review : Resonessence Concero HP

Posted on 30 April 2014

Resonessence Concero HP dac/amp reviewed on by Dave

Conclusion : 
Resonessence Labs is a Canadian company. Its founder is Mark Mallinson, who is the former Operations Director of ESS Technology. So, if anyone could get the most out of an ESS Sabre DAC, it’s this guy, and Judas Rockin’ Priest has he succeeded. If you are in need of a DAC/AMP unit and $850 is a doable price, for the love of all that is holy, give the Concero HP a spin. This is a wonderfully balanced, wonderful sounding unit. It plays great with a wide variety of headphones (and IEMs as well). It is easy to use (and yes PC uses do have to download a driver), and I found the customer service at Resonessence Labs to be first rate. Anyway you go about it; you owe it to yourself to hear this unit. Now if I could just get to review the standalone DAC…

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