Review : Hifiman HE-560

Posted on 14 August 2014

Hifiman HE-560 headphones reviewed on by Lieven

Conclusion : 
What Hifiman has created is extraordinary. Sure they got off to a wrong start but all that is forgiven after having listened to the rev 2. For only $899 they have come up with a very high level headphone. Fans of orthos and lovers of a linear, neutral but musical and slightly smooth sound just need to add this headphone to their collection. Seriously, you have no choice.

Yes, you will need an amplifier to make it sound this good but you don’t need to invest thousands on a power monster like the HE-6 needs. Of course a quality source is needed too but even the $350 Resonessence Labs Herus will do the trick.

It is a superb headphone with a very correct price and I can only congratulate Hifiman for making this. You can buy it directly from Hifiman or through one of their dealers as usual. Now I can’t wait to listen to their improved HE-400i…

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