Review : Avantgarde Zero 1

Posted on 11 September 2014

Avantgarde Zero 1 Pro Loudspeaker reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Jonathan Valin

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Conclusion : 
All of the good things that you expect from a horn loudspeaker are there: the far-truer-to-life (and faithful-to-the-source) dynamic range; the fine low-level detail about instruments and performance; the superior speed of attack; the lifelike presence on voice and instruments. What aren’t there to any appreciable degree are the bad things that you also expect from a horn loudspeaker: the lack of driver-to-driver coherence, the poor-to-nonexistent integration of the woofer or sub, the “horn-colored” midrange and/or piercingly directional tweeter, the six-foot-wide imaging, and (to a degree) the truncated soundstaging. Here, for the one and only time in my experience, is a horn system that, minus an occasional dollop of extra sibilance (not brightness, mind you), does disappear as a sound source.

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