Review : RHA MA600i

Posted on 20 November 2013

RHA MA600i headphones reviewed on by Valentin 

Conclusion : 

In short, I think the price quality ratio is correct (70€), it isn’t the best iem I’ve ever heard but in its price class it’s ok. It has a very dark background and sound stage isn’t the biggest, it’s a more compressed sound and that’s understandable. At the same time you get a more inside your head, centered sound but with good left/right separation. I’d say the detail retrieval is normal for this price. Big focus of the unit is on the bass. Bass isn’t always tight and can be boomy taking over part of the mids. To me the 600 is clearly made for the day to day popular music, R&B, etc where bass is important and detail and extension isn’t the biggest concern. However it does that pretty good. Overall pace and attack of the 600 isn’t the best making it a bit slow to listen to with fast rock and metal (but as I said, it’s more of a big crowd iem for popular music). It’s a fun iem to listen to while commuting with a big toe tapping factor and great isolation.

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