Review : RHA MA750i

Posted on 20 November 2013

RHA MA750i headphones reviewed on by Valentin 

Conclusion : 

Clearly the 750 (at 106€) is a big step up from the 600. Sound stage is a lot bigger and more up to the level I’m used to (but I’m spoiled). Detail retrieval is good and the inside your head sound is gone, it has a lot of space between instruments and a more 3 dimensional sound. The750 is a lot more linear as well, the focus on bass is gone and treble is further extended. You get a very clear, pleasant and faster sound suitable for all musical genres. Bass here isn’t as punchy and doesn’t have as much body as in the 600, but it’s more detailed, faster and tighter: Way better. It’s still a darker sounding iem but with good clarity. It has a nice balance between musicality and technicality. A great price/quality ratio and my favorite unit by far.

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