Review : Woo Audio WA7

Posted on 19 September 2014

Woo Audio WA7 headphone amplifier reviewed on by Dave

Conclusion : 

This is, beyond a doubt the most beautiful thing I have reviewed in my tenure at Headfonia. Made out of aluminum, with no screws showing, these are put together amazingly well. I am even saying this as someone who prefers black (Woo sent me the silver model).   All of the switches and knobs are solid. These units might actually be bullet proof. Be warned, however, that unlike the transportable Pan Am, the WA7 isn’t meant to travel. With its glass top on, both the WA7 and the tube power supply weight about 9 pounds, and need an electrical outlet. Pair this with a snazzy looking Apple computer, and you are going to like the epitome of high style. Don’t be surprised if someone wants to display your computer disc at the Louvre.

It is a pure tube, class-A transformer coupled amp. With the stock tubes (well burnt in), the amp has a very linear sound. Clean, even and detailed from top to bottom. The highs have sparkle with some decent air. There is decent midbass impact with enough body, and the mids connect the two without drawing too much attention to themselves. It is a very balanced sound. 

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