Posted on 09 August 2017

DIMD PP10 Reviewed on Audio Dandy by Maarten van Druten

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Conclusion : 

The sound character of the EL84 tube has been praised by a lot of tube enthusiasts
The EL84 might not have the same deep black bass like the 805 tube, but instead it has a very musical, relaxed sound character.
And this tube has another very big's price
Compared to 805, 845, and 201 tubes, EL84 tubes are very cheap.
and they are also sold everywhere, so you will have no trouble finding them

The character of this tube amplifier is very well balanced (almost neutral) and relaxed sounding
This makes this amplifier a great musical companion
Listening to music for a long time becomes very enjoyable. you get the feeling not to listen to an amplifier any more,
but instead your listening to music
The DIMD PP10 amplifier is a top quality product therefore DIMD gives this amplifier a 5 years warranty. The lifespan of tubes depend on usage. They are user replaceable and can be also be ordered by DIMD, the tubes are tested and matched specially for "PP10 stereo" amplifier.

I have tested this amplifier for months and it became my favourite amplifier because of it nice balanced, relaxed and neutral sound character
I can recommend this amplifier to anybody that is looking for a reliable tube amplifier that sounds relaxed, neutral and most important "musical"
Highly Recommended!


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