Posted on 09 August 2017

Reflector Audio Touch F10 and F6 : 
Today we’ll be testing the F10 and F6 Touch series entry level speakers from Reflector Audio, a young company based in Latvia. Yes, you read it right, Latvia, again…

I wonder what’s happening in that country, it seems to me that they (the Latvians) manage to surprise us everytime with some new, original and well crafted products. You can easily imagine we have high expectations coming from Reflector Audio at this point.

Let’s start with their philiosphy
The Reflector Audio Touch loudspeaker line was developed to achieve an extraordinary performance from 2-way passive acoustic design, using very high sensitivity drive units and top quality crossover and wiring parts. This means that they managed to produce some very high potential speakers delivering a fast and detailed sound.

Hmm… High Sensitivity speakers delivering fast and detailed sound? Looks like something we might like, especially when paired with some tube amps in order to get something accurate and very musical all at once !

The look and feel

Well, we’re kinda getting spoiled lately. It seems to us that those Latvian guys really know a thing or two about design (just check the Reflector Audio website and have a look at their Bespoke speaker series and you’ll know what I mean). The Touch F10 and F6 series speakers were granted with a more classical design but nevertheless, the Reflector Audio designer(s) managed to pull it off.


The F6 speakers we received are gifted with a very nice wooden look finish, combined with neo industrial kinda looking drivers and tweeters which will undoubtedly please many of us. The F10 on the other hand has the same looking tweeter but really hits the spot with its finish. I don’t know what it is, but its not paint anyway. It’s some kind of composite polymer of some sorts that give the speaker a matte finish look that I just can’t stop touching everytime I walk near the speakers! It’s really… well… great !

But how do they sound?
OK, so now let’s get to the better part. We’ve already established that they look (and feel) great. They got the looks, let’s see if they got personality as well…
With a sensitivity of 93dB (F10) and 90dB (F6) we shouldn’t be disappointed.

With our respective experience and taste, at BELHiFi we like to hook up High Sensitivity speakers with fast but organic (tube or solid state, depending on our moods) sounding amplifiers to balance out the sound.


First, the F10 and F6 manage to put down a huge sound stage,they really fill up our biggest listening room without any problem at all. We hooked them both up to a solid state amp just to see how responsive they could get and we weren’t dissapointed on this aspect either. Thus far, we can say that Reflector Audio is fast and responsive, which is a rather good thing I would say.


Second thing is that they put down a really “direct” type of sound that kinda reminded us of some American brand of speakers renowned for their horn tweeters and equally direct type of sound. The have a little enclosure coloration which I would qualify as being “warm”. It’s not exagerated, but it’s there. Not to a point that would bother you or distract you from your listening experience though.


Well, we’re quite happy listening to those speakers. We certainly enjoy how they look and sound. You get a lot of detail and a very responsive speaker, definitely worth a try !


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