REVIEW : Klipsch Heritage HP-3

Posted on 25 January 2018

Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones reviewed by Lieven on Headfonia : 

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Conclusion : 

The Klipsch HP-3 is a unique headphone. You usually don’t come across a flagship with this specific tuning. The HP-3 has more than average bass, a v-shaped signature and energetic treble, and I’m putting that mildly. The musical enjoyment level is very high and that combined with the richness it produces make the HP-3 a pure joy to listen to.

The HP-3 is liquidly smooth and warm, and it’s made to enjoy your music and not analyze it. Bass is really big for a TOTL model and that’s something I didn’t expect even though Klipsch is kind of known for it.

I really enjoyed my non critical listening with the HP-3. On top of that it’s gorgeous, perfectly build and it comes in a great box. If you have the cash, want a high end phone and you prefer musicality and bass over neutrality and precision, than the Klipsch HP-3 probably is the right headphone for you.

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