Technics SC-C70EG-S at BELHiFi

Posted on 29 January 2018

Technics SC-C70EG-S at BELHiFi : 

We are proud to announce the arrival of the Technics SC-C70EG-S All-In-One Premium Music System at BELHiFi, recipient of the BELHiFi AWARD !

This premium all-in-one music system is the perfect complementary accessory to your High End Hi-Fi system. Its modern and minimalistic design will grant him a place in almost any kind of environment, even if your house is all cottage style and whatnot.

The Technics Ottava SC-C70EG-S has the kind of looks that will allow it to blend perfectly in your home environment thanks to his 3 EQ presets (allowing free placement, near wall or in a corner) and provide you with your much deserved musical bliss. We love its sleek, modern and minimalistic looks and are impressed by its convincing audio performance delivering a decent soundstage, much appreciated detail and above average musicality !

Buy it online here :

Meanwhile, you can have a look at our pictures here !

Technics SC-C70EG-S

Technics SC-C70EG-S

Technics SC-C70EG-S

Technics SC-C70EG-S

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